The Bintelli Beast 49cc VS 150CC

The Bintelli Beast 49cc VS 150CC

What is the difference between The Bintelli Beast 49cc VS 150CC

The Bintelli Beast is the most popular Motor Scooter we have to offer, our customers love how this scooter look and feel.

But I get Asked This Question a lot; What is the difference between The Bintelli Beast 49cc VS 150CC?

The Beast comes in two different models, 49cc and 150cc There are minor differences between both of them other than the type of motor.

There are some physical differences between the 49cc and 150cc 

In this video I explain the differences on the body and the design

And In this Video I compare the power and drivability of the 49cc VS 150cc

The Beast 49cc:

The 49cc got the look of a motorcycle and the soul of a 49cc scooter, It looks like a sports motorcycle but drives as 49cc scooter, the reason being is that by law any 49cc scooter must not exceeds 35mph, however the exhaust sound louder and stronger but still can't go over 35mph on flat surface road due to legal restrictions, but the good news is that riders don't require to have a motorcycle endorsement to ride one and also no Helmet or Insurance required but it is always recommended to have insurance and wear a helmet

The Beast 150cc:

however when I tested the 150cc i realized that this is not a scooter; It is more of a Motorcycle all around, it look like a motorcycle and rides like a motorcycle.

I know it is only 150cc but in reality since it is a very light wight compared to a small motorcycle the 150cc motor feels so powerful.

It requires MOTORCYCLE Endorsement juts like a motorcycle and Helmet is required by Florida Law. Insurance is not required but always recommended.

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